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Works of art function as thresholds; providing passageways between realms; between the past and the present and the future; between the mysterious inexplicable dimension and the material world. The picture plane opens up a liminal space, offering a portal to another dimension. This is the spiritual aspect of art. Not all art is consciously oriented towards this aspect, yet all art exists as some sort of manifestation from the realm of non-being into being.

I live in pursuit of healing, wholeness, and transformational experience, not only for myself, but also to facilitate this in others. I have always created from an intuitive and experimental space. Art and life are not separate, when we consider something as a work of art we are viewing it through any number of lenses: aesthetics, spiritual and/or emotional sensitivity, intellectual stimulation, monetary value, historic reference and so on. It is my goal to communicate on as many levels as possible.

Born in 1966, Paula grew up in Texas as a devout Christian Fundamentalist. Throughout childhood and adolescence she experienced numerous traumatic events while living a suburban, middle-class American lifestyle which included swimming, horseback ridding, and girl scouts. She survived life on the streets as a teenage runaway. She has a true love and is a grandmother. She currently resides in Brooklyn NY and Cornwallville NY. She received a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989. Her work explores holistic being and experiments with the way context shapes our experience of art.

Since 1985 she has presented work, which incorporates a vast range of media and public participation, throughout the US and internationally in homes, abandoned buildings, vacant lots, hospitals, street festivals, galleries, art fairs, parades, museums and public spaces including: The Paula Lalala MVSEVM, Cornwallville NY; Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn NY; The House Museum, Gillams, Newfoundland; The ART Mission, Binghamton NY; Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Chatham NY; Women’s Art Exchange US / Middle East, Jordan and Saudi Arabia; Bellevue Hospital, NYC; Memorial Herman Hospital, Katy TX; NYU Langone Hospital, NYC; A Harlem Rooming House, NYC; Fridge Festival, Wellington New Zealand; The Kleinert James Gallery of the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Woodstock NY; The DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn NY; Fountain Art Fair, NYC; A Vacant Lot, Chicago IL; A Mobile Home, Catskill NY; LABspace Gallery, Hillsdale NY; Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia; Whether Again, Rockaway NY; UNA Gallery, Portland OR; Collar Works, Troy NY; Montclair State University Gallery, Upper Montclair NJ; Waterfall Arts Center, Belfast ME; Na Gallery, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. Additionally, she has been curating art shows since 1992 and has facilitated exhibition of work by hundreds of artists, many of whom are internationally acclaimed and celebrated.

Probing the spiritual, social, and psychological realms, her artwork takes many forms. She has a studio practice which generates paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Her numerous additional projects include initiating and spearheading a collective organization, The Women Artist Team, TWAT, who work collaboratively to create multiple iterations of a monochromatic bedroom installation; the Autodidact Institute, an organization that espouses the benefits of and facilitates self-directed learning; The Landscape Preservation Society, an art based collaborative project whose primary goal is raising funds to protect open spaces through the sale of nature based artworks; and The Paula Lalala MVSEVM, a long term large scale autobiographical artwork.

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